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try dating 'in'

forget the risk of a cranky maitre d', a beyond-perky waitress, a cuckolded chef and the fella at the next table having a finger lickin' good time with the offal frito misto

imagine how much more comfortable you would feel if you knew that you'd get:

  • the best table in the house
  • the kindest lighting
  • a sexy soundtrack
  • an abundance of cheeky little taste sensations

you can have all of this by dating in the comfort and privacy of your own home

whether you are a man or a woman...

whether you date men or women...

let thelovebite help you

what do you get?

everything except the partner!

  • a menu with recipes (even a shopping list!)
  • all the advice that you need to create the ambience
  • a playlist that you can purchase and download straight into iTunes

the date of your life could be just a few mouse clicks away!

when you log on, choose the occasion that suits your needs: first meal, sexy breakfast in bed, mid-week pot luck, lazy afternoon nibbles, the first 'meet the parents' or 'meet the friends'... whatever!

'bit','s newsletter offers you extra recipes and news that are not available on the website - news you can use for the moment that you're in

are you ready to let an aussie help you get hooked?

I'm mannix

I'm here to help

who am I to tell you how to date?

why should you pay attention to me?

well, if you're even remotely interested, here is my tale:

born: in a pub in the urban lasagne that was inner-city melbourne circa 1970

first lesson: how to feed a bar full of drunks

first accident: walking into a gap store in london after being rejected by the british museum (I was an aspiring archaeologist)

first job: peddling denim on high street kensington

second job: opening gap stores in paris

second lesson: being taught to cook seafood by a porn star in france

second accident: cracking my tooth on an olive at a giddy soiree, having the dentist dope me with valium, then getting a phone call asking me to work in asia. of course I said 'yes'!

third job: styling home wares and fashion in hong kong, singapore and tokyo

third lesson: learning to shop asian food markets by trial and error...more error than trial!

third accident: moving to the USA 

fourth job: styling up a frenzy for banana republic, thus assisting in the great de-caffeination of american fashion

fourth accident: dating in LA...after dealing with the rubbernecking, the celebrity fellow diners and starving starlets raking leaves around their plates  in restaurants, I decided that it would be easier to stay at home and cook instead

fourth lesson: the food of drunks has a universal appeal

I cooked my way around the world and came full circle

I hope to save the rest of the world some of the effort!

please enjoy yourself on my site...

and drop me a line to let me know what you think!